The challenge for leaders is clear: they need to build a great team – and then they have to keep it great. Today, managers are assessed not only on what they do, but also how they do it. That depends on a manager’s ability to positively influence employee performance. Managers need to develop productive relationships with their employees by understanding what drives them, their strengths, and their performance gaps. When this relationship is emphasized, the result is a committed and accountable team.

The Core Strengths® approach teaches people how to choose their strengths based on motivations. This helps managers achieve better results for themselves, their team, and their organization. The right strengths at the right time create effective collaboration and personal accountability.

The globally successful programs have been developed by PSP, Inc., and are offered exclusively in German-speaking countries by DOOR2Leadership.

When people have better relationships, organizations are able to:

  • Reduce time spent in unproductive conflict situations
  • Increase productive collaboration and levels of engagement
  • Improve individual and organizational performance
  • Improve decision-making and opportunity management
  • Lower absenteeism/presentism and staff turnover

Core Strengths® is powered by the Strength Deployment Inventory®(SDI). This scientifically validated assessment reveals why people do what they do – their motives – and their most authentic behaviours – their strengths – when interacting with others. The SDI provides tools for choosing the right strengths to use in high-stakes situations. It also offer insights leaders and teams need in order to make the right decisions and build strong and collaborative relationships.

The SDI maps three essential motives people have for acting how they do:

  • People —a drive to help and develop others
  • Performance —a drive to direct action and achieve results
  • Process —a drive to establish clear and meaningful order

Everyone expresses these motives differently in their own unique blend. This individual approach to prioritizing People, Performance, and Process places them at different points in one of seven categories in what is called the Motivational Value System (MVS).

The SDI provides leaders and teams unique, personalized insights needed to:

  • Develop innovative solutions
  • Make better decisions
  • Navigate opposition and conflict
  • Strengthen relationships within the team
  • Take personal responsibility for results
  • Gain clarity on how others perceive their strengths and the impact this has on their relationships
  • Understand how to choose others strengths to achieve better results

Personality Assessments

Many companies are already employing personality assessments when recruiting in order to have a degree of certainty in choosing the right candidate. The Core Strengths® Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) provides an excellent tool to ensure that the new employee not only fits into the company and team with their Motivational Value System (MVS), but also to develop a targeted development plan that promotes their strengths and in particular brings their overdone strengths back to a productive level.

SDI can also be used as a tool in existing succession and talent management processes to evaluate the suitability of your high-potentials for future roles as Leaders or Functional Experts, and to offer them the right development opportunities to develop their full potential.

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