Every training, every improvement process and every change in a company must be planned and implemented with a clear focus on the business results to be achieved. If you create an environment that motivates employees to take on more responsibility for important results in the necessary change processes through accountability, you have the foundation for success and agility.

Why Accountability?

No matter what you call it: ownership, shared responsibility, personal responsibility, responsibility for results or commitment,  the word ‚accountability‘ summarises an active joint responsibility for the essentials.

If we’re honest, in many companies the question of accountability is usually only asked when things go wrong and there’s a threat of consequences. This results in a „ducking“ mentality when it comes to the meting out of responsibilities.

The first step to new thinking is building a new understanding of accountability:
Accountability is a decision each individual in an organisation makes, to actively take responsibility for achieving results and to rise above external circumstances and problems, by taking the four steps: See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it®

Our global partner, Partners in Leadership®, describes in its three leadership best-sellers (‚The Oz Principle®‘, ‚Change the Culture, Change the Game‘ and ‚How Did That Happen?‘), how this mental „rewiring“ works and how more accountability can contribute to the success of the organization.

The methods and tools help employees at all levels of the organization to make the link between individual accountability and concrete outcomes. The easy-to-understand models, developed over the past three decades, have helped many organizations to raise awareness for positive accountability among employees and teams around the world.

Businesses in which accountability is an integral part of collaboration are quicker at implementing change, are more agile, and achieve or exceed their goals faster.

Accountability minimizes unproductive behaviour, unnecessary distractions or confusion through conflicting priorities. Surveys show that many employees lose time, focus and therefore potential in their daily work due to such factors.

In our complex, demanding business environments, no company can afford to pay the price for a lack of individual accountability.

With a newly defined culture of Accountability you will achieve:

  • an improvement in overall performance
  • faster and safer achievement of important operational results
  • positive development of employees and managers
  • team-building and alignment with corporate goals
  • agile change management
  • an acceleration of cultural change
  • higher motivation and employee loyalty

More about Partners In Leadership®: www.partnersinleadership.com