Most organisations speak about customers being at the heart of what they do but is that really true?

Sales is the part of a business that generates revenue, not only covering business costs, but also ensuring business profits and success. The more effective and optimized the sales department is, the better the sales and company results are. Nevertheless, many companies, despite having good products or services, aren’t fully utilizing their sales potential.

Create the basis for proactive customer-oriented sales with ProSales

In today’s world, it’s no longer about delivering information (the Internet can do that better!), but about generating customer experience, having challenging conversations, and maintaining complex relationships. Always from the perspective of the processes that influence the customer’s perceived benefits.

When this knowledge and these abilities are combined across the internal cross-functional networks at the point of the customer interface, then it is possible to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and agility in an ever more complex and rapidly changing environment.

Nur, wenn dieses Wissen und die Fähigkeiten an der Kundenschnittstelle und im eigenen Unternehmen strukturiert vernetzt wird und abteilungsübergreifend angenommen wird, gelingt es, in einem immer komplexeren und sich schneller verändernden Umfeld Effizienz, Wirksamkeit und Agilität zu sichern.

PROSales, an international training and coaching program for sales organizations, was developed by Andreas Geh and Robin Schujit, and is offered exclusively in the German-speaking market by DOOR2Leadership.

With the development and implementation of an optimized sales process for complex systems and solutions you will:

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness at the customer interface, as well as optimizing internal collaboration
  • Create of a common understanding for an optimal, structured approach for an agile and customer-oriented sales force.

The Customer Intelligence Framework© (CIF)

By applying the CIF core model, the sales organization gets a systematic, structured and adaptive approach to get a better understanding of the customer’s needs to be able to provide real benefit for the customer.

The Problem-Solving Process (PSP)

The PSP model serves to build a customer-benefit-optimized contact strategy by supporting a structured basis and a uniform understanding of the optimal sales process across all functions.

The CFI and PSP help executives and sales forces to:

  • Increase the completion chances for running projects
  • Secure customer relationships