Our Vision

We accompany you through the door_2Leadership

We to enable people in organisations to navigate successfully through change and to create an environment of accountability and excellence.

We believe people are the key to achieving that success, and that those companies who invest in equipping their executives and employees with the necessary competencies to actively shape a culture of change, agility and accountability for results, will themselves be equipped to better navigate towards their future.

Our Mission

  1. We know that the way forward for Organisations into a dynamic and intense future requires active partners with energy. Our door2Leadership Team is made up of seasoned professionals with strong strategic and operational backgrounds. They come from the field and use their extensive experience to offer pragmatic and actionable solutions and services.
  2. We provide simple, fast-acting models and tools that can be applied at all levels of the organization. We offer some of the world’s best and most effective methods and approaches to to support leaders and talents to cultivate the necessary mindset to increase organizational performance in the context of globalization, digitization, changing consumer behaviour and innovation acceleration.
  3. We ensure the effectiveness of our recommendations by partnering with our customers across the entire process chain. We are convinced of our three step „Consult, Accompany, Develop“ approach.
  4. We offer our clients excellent project management in order to ensure the necessary consistency during the project and to deliver the planned outcome in a dynamic and volatile environment.
  5. We are positioned internationally. Through our partnership with N.E.W.S.® Navigation and Personal Publishing Inc. we have access to a worldwide network of experienced consultants, coaches and facilitators. This allows us to offer our customers globally scalable solutions across their international businesses with the necessary intercultural sensitivity for successful local implementation.

Our Values

Our values are our reason „why“. They are our authentic drivers, which strengthen our motivation and energy to live our Vision and Mission. We have 4 Core Values, which guide our activities, decisions and behaviours:

  • Authenticity – This allows us to be, and to stay, true to ourselves.
  • Integrity – That means, we do what we say we’ll do.
  • Creational Growth – That’s how we enable growth for ourselves and others, with creativity and respect for that, which already exists.
  • Tangible Impact – This keeps us focused on actions that create value for our stakeholders.