Impactful Communication

Experts are expected to have a wealth of responsibilities today. It is important that they are able to intelligibly communicate their expertise in the context of "knowledge-management processes", and to persuade and support others to accept behavioural change or to adopt new procedures. This requires that Experts, like Line Managers, develop the ability to communicate their expertise effectively in an impactful, results-oriented, and engaging manner with teams and with project stakeholders, while handling uncertainties, fears, or resistance with a coaching approach.

Your Organization will benefit from this Program if:

  • You want your Experts to effectively lead cross-functional project teams without a formal reporting relationship
  • You need your Experts to transfer their knowledge to others and improve cross-functional collaboration
  • You want your Experts to drive solution-finding in teams
  • You want your Experts to build skills to hold impactful and influential conversations or presentations
  • You want to give your Experts the tools to be effective team-players in a changing environment
  • You want to create value for the Organization through peer-to-peer coaching

How does it work?


  • Pre-Workshop Online-Questionnaire
  • Customization to Organizational needs


A 2-day interactive workshop where Experts learn how to use different N.E.W.S.® Models to find new solutions, prepare meetings or presentations, and as diagnostic tools to guide and coach project teams at key decision-points, in development situations, and through rapid change. They work on developing the necessary coaching mindset, the skills and applying hands-on tools to effectively solve problems, negotiate, present, and engage in coaching conversations with peers.


  • Optional follow-up and implementation meetings (half-day)
  • Optional individual coaching

What can you expect?

From an Organizational and Talent development perspective we expect you to achieve following results:

  • Increase the ability of Experts to effectively support knowledge-management in the organization
  • Improved communication and influencing skills
  • Develop the ability of Experts to diagnose coaching needs of project teams and hold short, impactful coaching conversations
  • Improvement in individual change agility, engagement levels, and performance
  • Development of an organizational coaching culture