Impactful Coaching Conversations

Leaders are responsible for taking an active role in developing, coaching, engaging and retaining their people. Manager as Coach™ (MAC) is designed to train managers to conduct short, impactful coaching conversations with individual team members, to allow them to move on, overcome challenges and perform better.

Your Organization will benefit from this Program if:

  • You want to equip Line Managers and Future Leaders with tools to assist their team to thrive in an ever changing environment
  • You want Line Managers and Future Leaders to learn how to have short, impactful coaching conversations
  • You want Line Managers and Future Leaders to develop the ability to understand the right approach to support their team-members to move forward
  • You want Line Managers and Future Leaders to be able to become drivers of change in your Organization

How does it work?


  • Pre-Workshop Online-Questionnaire
  • Customization to Organizational needs


A 2-day Workshop, during which participants are introduced to the coaching methodology using the N.E.W.S.® Compass™ and learn which mindset is most effective for coaching their teams. This is then immediately put into practise using pre-defined scenarios to begin developing coaching skills. The skills practise sessions form the main body of the Workshop, to ensure that participants are able to conduct short, impactful coaching conversations within the workplace immediately.

Besides learning the right mindset and tools to apply, participants learn how to hold coaching conversations to gain practical experience in a selection of following situations:

NORTH - Where?

  • Onboarding a new team member
  • A PDP - Personal Development Plan
  • Leading a change that has impact on people's roles and responsibilities

EAST - Why?

  • Lack of engagement and motivation
  • Behaviours that do not align with team's values
  • Lack of understanding for the larger context

SOUTH - Why Not?

  • A team member that complains, blames and does not take responsibility
  • A team member that resists change

WEST - How?

  • Lack of focus and priorities
  • Problems of execution and delivery
  • Soft-skills development


  • Optional monthly or quarterly group follow-up meetings (half-day)
  • Optional individual coaching sessions

What can you expect?

From an Organizational and Leadership Development perspective we expect you to achieve following results:

  • Ability of Line Leaders and Future Leaders to diagnose the coaching needs of their teams
  • Improvement in individual change agility and engagement levels
  • Improved individual and organizational performance
  • Development of an organizational coaching culture