Participative Team Leadership

The modern workplace has changed significantly in the last decade. Most employees are employees of knowledge age. They are educated, specialized, want to be involved, understand and participate. This requires a new leadership style to lead teams, both locally and virtually, in a flexible, participative and agile manner. Many executives are unsure where to start. In addition, most executives have been trained to lead individuals rather than entire teams as a unit.

The practical Manager as Team Navigator™ (MAT) training program is based on the N.E.W.S.® Leadership Compass™, designed to engage, align and guide teams as a whole, to master change and achieve highly effective results, regardless of whether the team is local or virtual.

Your Organization will benefit from MAT if:

  • You need to develop Leaders to lead teams as a unit
  • You want to equip Leaders to lead in times of change
  • You want Leaders to develop a participative leadership style
  • You want Leaders to develop skills to lead Millennials and Knowledge Workers

How does it work?


  • Pre-Workshop Online-Questionnaire
  • Customization to Organizational needs


A 2-day workshop that provides Leaders with tools to lead their teams through change, spur them on and encourage engagement, resolve team conflicts, dissolve blockages that lead to team stagnation, and to lead their team to peak performance.

In parallel to developing the necessary mindset and skills, Leaders practice a selection of possible meeting scenarios as follows:

NORTH - Where?

  • When your team doesn’t have a clear direction or practical vision
  • When your team faces major change or a cross-road
  • New beginnings: New team leader, new team members or new project. Annual or periodic strategic team meeting

EAST - Why?

  • When you feel that the team is down, fatigued or burned out
  • When your team has low motivation
  • When your team is at a low level of engagement

SOUTH - Why Not?

  • When your team complains regularly and has excuses for everything
  • When your team avoids taking on challenges or increased responsibility
  • When your team has difficulty accepting changes

WEST - How?

  • When your team has a new or updated North and you need to create plans to achieve it
  • When the progression of the team towards the North is insufficient
  • When circumstances change
  • When your team loses focus and prioritization


  • Quarterly checkpoints
  • Optional N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™
  • Post-Process-Questionnaire after 3 months to measure ROI

What can you expect?

From a Leadership Development perspective we expect you to achieve following results:

  • Leaders and teams become more attentive, flexible and resilient
  • Leaders and teams are more willing to take calculated risks
  • Leaders develop themselves to become developers of people and teams
  • Leaders are able to navigate teams in a volatile, uncertain and complex environment
  • Greater team and organizational alignment to lead the way to a new future