Being effective in a disruptive reality - A N.E.W.S.® West Program

We live in a disruptive reality. Each of us gets hundreds of interruptions every day; e- mails, text messages, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, questions, problems, crisis messages and more. We face endless changes and an information overload. We might plan what we want to do every week or every day, but the daily storm takes over. We cannot complete our plans, so we work early in the morning, or late in the evening or on weekends. Work invades our personal life. Stress levels rise. People are over busy all the time. This reality makes it very difficult for us to plan, to focus, to execute and do our own work. Many people give up planning altogether as they feel they have no control over the events.

So, they let the day run them and they become frustrated at their productivity and ability to complete their tasks.

"Mission Possible" is a highly practical one day training program followed by two personal coaching meetings for each participant. It is aimed for Managers and employees at all levels. It is designed to help you save 3-4 hours every day and become much more productive. It is especially suitable for the hectic modern work place and its unique current challenges. The program is based on a set of principles translated into highly useful and friendly skills and tools to consciously and proactively manage distractions until you are ready to deal with them.

Your organization will benefit from this program if:

  • You want your employees to use their time more consciously, more purposefully and more efficiently, focusing on the essentials and increasing their productivity
  • You want to show your employees the way to a stress-reduced, more appropriate work-life balance and thus increase employee satisfaction and health
  • You want to help your employees eliminate "time robbers", who in many cases make up at least half a day per week
  • You want to equip your Managers with knowledge and methods for successful delegation

How does it work?


A one-day workshop where participants learn five principles, which help them stay effective in a disruptive environment. Each of these scientifically founded principles are supported by tools, which participants use to develop their own action plans. The goal is to raise awareness about how each person can plan and manage their day, to use their most productive time and increased focus to increase their own effectiveness.  A second ½ day Workshop specifically for Managers, covers the sixth principle which provides the methods and tools on the art of successful delegation.


  • Two personal coaching meetings for each participant form the foundation for the sustainable implementation & application.

What can you expect?

From the point of view of organizational and leadership development, you will achieve the following results:

  • Managers who can build their leadership skills on healthy, structured self-management and pass on their knowledge to their employees
  • More productive employees who achieve organisational results
  • More satisfied, less stressful and ultimately healthier employees and Managers