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Organizations expect individuals to take more and more responsibility to drive their career in alignment with the organizational needs. Most people lack the mind-set, skills and tools to do that. The Self-Navigation™ Workshop helps High-Potentials and Leaders to lead themselves to their next step in the organization.

Your Organization will benefit from this program if:

  • You want your Leaders and Talents to have clarity on and take pro-active accountability for their own career development
  • You want to provide your Leaders and Talents with a set of tools to align their career aspirations with the goals of the Organization
  • You want to give your Leaders and Talents the right support to break through personal barriers to reach their full potential

How does it work?


  • Pre-Workshop Online-Questionnaire


A 2-day experiential Workshop during which every participant discovers their true, motive-driven, authentic direction within the organization. Participants break through the barriers which hold them back and work on their own development plan.


  • Optional follow-up with individual coaching as required

What can you expect?

From an Organizational and Talent Development perspective we expect you to achieve following results:

  • Increase levels of engagement and retention for Talents and High-Potentials
  • Improve proactivity for own personal development
  • Develop the skills to be more attentive, flexible, resilient, and risk-taking
  • Ability to navigate better through a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment
  • Equip future leaders with the mind-set, skills and tools to become a new type of a leader for times of change