Driving Change Together

In rapidly changing environments and rapid organizational changes, every team needs to realign itself to the bigger picture. Failing to do that, the team will not be able to deliver the expected results.

The Team Navigation™ Program is based on a set of dynamic principles that will guide you in an ever-changing reality. It is a process with follow up check-points, which is typically conducted to help  teams overcome obstacles and create the culture that is needed for thriving in times of change.  During this process, your team will create common values and goals, align the strategy and tactical plan to achieve them, explore what’s holding them back, and what they can do to overcome their key barriers as a team.

Team Navigation™ is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • When a new organizational strategy needs to be cascaded at team level
  • When teams change in cooperation or through a new team leader
  • When teams need to manage a big project or change process
  • During the yearly offsite, when planning next year's goals
  • As a team building event

How does it work?


  • Interviews with selected participants
  • Pre-workshop Online-Questionnaire to analyze the current situation
  • Customization according to the focus areas identified during the analysis


A 2-day Workshop which provides teams with a structured roadmap, organized around the metaphor of a compass, that will help them to move forward, in mutual agreement and with greater levels of understanding. The aim of the process is to align the team’s compass with the organisational goals, to enable them to navigate together and become a Great Team.


  • Quarterly checkpoint meetings (half-day)
  • Optional N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™ or individual coaching
  • Post-Process-Questionnaire after 3 months to measure ROI

What can you expect?

From an Organizational and Leadership Development perspective, we expect you to achieve following results:

  • A clear and practical vision of your future as a team
  • A common set of values to support your performance and decision-making processes
  • An understanding of what may hold you back from achieving your full potential as a team and how to overcome these obstacles
  • Clarity on your strategic drivers and a tactical plan to deliver your vision