Public Workshop: Core Strengths® Results Through Relationships

Learn how to use the inseparable connection between strengths, motives and conflicts to have more successful relationships and get better results.

Have you ever wondered why...

  • That gentle and mild mannered colleague all of a sudden goes off like a volcanic eruption in a meeting?
  • There are just some people who do or say things that grate on your nerves?
  • You love working with some people but just hate it when others are on your team?
  • You sometimes have the feeling that everyone is talking but not really to each other or even getting to the point?
  • Some colleagues seem to get excited about trivialities but remain unimpressed by the really important things?
  • Even really good relationships suddenly stumble over the little things?

Imagine if you held the key to understanding why that is AND how to prevent it from happening...

That's what we'll be teaching in our workshop, where you'll learn:

  • to understand the context and background of these situations
  • how to manage your own behaviour so you become master of the situation before it gets out of hand and damages relationships
  • get a different perspective on the "quirks" of others
  • understand more about your own "quirks" and how others might feel about them
  • prevent that volcanic eruption and keep things on a level where you can solve rather than create more problems

... and have more effective relationships at work and at home!

Core Strengths® will help you to understand the connection between personal strengths, values and motives and the sometimes completely inexplicable conflicts that people may experience in their relationships. And we give you the tools to actively deal with difficult situations and maintain good relationships with others while you do.

Your added value:

  • greater influence on your relationships at work, with friends and with family
  • less time spent on everyday small feuds
  • more time for finding outstanding solutions and better results
  • more satisfaction and fun at work

Sound good? Then register now! We'd love to see you in Berlin!