We are hiring!

Want to join DOOR2Leadership as Office & Project Assistant???

Who are we at DOOR2Leadership GmbH? Take a look at our compass! The 4 directions show where we're going (North), what's important to us (East), how we work (West), and what we always want to keep in mind (South).

Our Vision / Our Goal:

  • We enable Organizations to navigate change and to create and environment of accountability and excellence
  • D2L is on the way to becoming a leading partner for Leadership, Organisational, and Talent Development in Western Europe for mid-sized and large privately owned companies

Our Toolbox:

  • First-class training, coaching and consulting methodologies (N.E.W.S.™, Core Strengths®, Pro Sales)
  • We practise what we teach
  • Many years of experience across all sectors
  • We're constantly learning how to do new things
  • Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity

Our Motivation:

We all agree and love to

  • be and stay true to ourselves
  • do what we say we'll do
  • enable growth for ourselves and others with creativity and respect for that which already exists
  • create tangible impact for our Stakeholder

What we "tie a knot" in our handkerchief for:

  • Every customer, every participant is unique and we give our best for them
  • We say and mean "no" if we can't help you

Does your compass match ours and does ours match yours? It's a two-way street for us to be successful together...

What you bring:

Knowledge of MS Office & possibly our CRM

Fluent English & German (spoken & written)

You're someone who is curious to learn new things and to develop yourself. You're well organized and are good at organizing others. Your approach to work is well structured and focused on reaching goals. You are a strong communicator, play well in a team, and are hands-on. You don't have to know how to do everything but you do need to want to learn!

Ideally 3-4 years admin experience for senior level positions

A similar motivation to ours

Your Responsibilities:

Assistant to the two Managing Partners, day-to-day, marketing, in fact, lots of different things!

Organizing travel

Planning & organizing events, logistics, materials & documentation management

Operational communication with our Partners, Licensors, and Facilitators

What we want to offer you:

To join us as we grow our business in Europe and have a load of fun while we're doing it. This is who we are!

Work-Life Balance: flexible working - we're more interested in outcomes than hours, and we're relaxed about location. You can work from home or from our office in Berlin.

Development: Right now the position is part-time at 50% but we have plans to grow this into a full-time position in 2020 or 2021 at the latest. We also want to help you develop, whether that be in Sales & Account Management or as a Facilitator for our Programs. You'll join some of our Programs (N.E.W.S.™ Navigation, Core Strengths, etc) as part of your on-boarding so that you learn about what we do and so you can use this for your personal development. Feedback is a given in our team - it's how we help each other to learn and grow.

Need a bit more information? Give us a call! T: +49 30 300 11 4507. Or send your application to h.varvodic@door2leadership.eu

We'll be inviting the 5 applicants we like most from our interviews to join us at our public workshop N.E.W.S.™ Self Navigation Workshop „Mit Verstand & Herz in den nächsten Karriereschritt“ on 22. & 23. März 2019 in Berlin. We'll cover the costs of the training and you'll get the opportunity to get to know us better and to learn how to use your compass!

Where are you going? What's your direction, your North?

What skills do you need? How are you going to get there?

What motivates you? What are your values? What's important to you?

What's stopping you? What holds you back?

You can find more about us here:

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Download as pdf: D2L Office & Projekt Assistenz Stelle